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#artdigital #artvidéo #artnumerique #newmediaart #entreprise #artcontemporain #olivier ratsi #onionskin

Onion Skin, 2017

A Moments! with Olivier Ratsi

#artdigital #artvidéo #artnumerique #newmediaart #entreprise #artcontemporain #olivierratsi
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Olivier Ratsi born in 1972, lives and works in Montreuil. He works with light and performance. It belongs to the current "Mixed Media Art".

Olivier Ratsi's work poses objective reality, time, space and matter as so many notions of intangible information. Based on the experience of reality and its representations as well as on the perception of space, he designs works that lead the viewer to question his own interpretation of reality.

Onion Skin, 2017


Moments! Q&A

The moment it all start?

As a child, still in kindergarten, I drew cars seen in profile in 2D in wireframe mode, like all children do. One day my father taught me to draw in isometric 3D by explaining to me that it was simply necessary to extend each edge with a line at 45° and connect the whole to obtain a 3D representation of my drawing, from that moment my perception on space has taken on a new dimension.


The moment you discover an artist who inspired you?

Two moments: Mark Rothko in 1999 during the retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris, the moment when I understood that one could feel a depth and a physical emotion linked to space from a 2D surface. And ; a work by James Turrell in 1990, still the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris when I was  a student, the moment I realized that the material could be imperceptible.

The memorable moment of your career?

The installation Frame Perspective, the latest work in the Echolyse series: the moment when I went from projection mapping on 3D volume to installation in volume in

real space.

The perfect time to create?

There is no ideal time to create, the idea of ​​a creation can happen anytime!

The most inspiring cultural moment?

The Low Tech exhibition presented as part of the Exit festival at the MAC in Créteil in 2012, a very demonstrative moment which confirms that modernity does not necessarily rhyme with technology. This exhibition presented hand-crafted analog analog works which had fun taking our digital technology on the wrong foot by creating a dialogue by opposing “low” and “high” technology.

The moment you dream of?

The moment when we have confirmation that a mass can move more than the

speed of light.


If you want an installation of this artist in your company, do not hesitate to contact us via the form or by e-mail.

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