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BILLOW, Bitforms Gallery, New York

A Moments! with Daniel Canogar

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Daniel Canogar,

Born in 1964, lives and works between Spain and USA. He creates permanent public art installations with LED screens. It belongs to the current "Mixed Media Art".

First attracted by photography, he finally chooses to work both the medium with flexible LED screens and the content with beautiful digital animations.

BILLOW, Bitforms Gallery, New York


Moments! Q&A

The moment it all started?

It all started when I was 14 years old and I discovered the wonders of a photographic darkroom. I was hooked on the mysterious red light, the smell of chemicals and most of all the incredible experience of seeing an image appear magically on a blank piece of paper. I never stopped loving working with images after that point. 


The moment you discover an artist who inspired you?

When I was in college I discovered the work of the Swiss/American photographer Robert Frank, in particular his book “The Americans”. With this photo-essay, I discovered the power of visual metaphors, and how a good image can be read symbolically.


A memorable moment of your career?

There are many memorable moments in my career, but the most recent was the opening of my exhibition “Fluctuations” two years ago in a museum in Madrid, Sala Alcalá 31. That exhibition was a mid-career survey of my work of the last 10 years and captured my main concerns with digital culture. The public’s response was overwhelming. It was extremely exciting to see so many people enjoy the exhibition after so much work. 


The best moment to create? 

I am a morning person. I like the quietness of the studio when my team hasn’t arrived yet early in the morning, my head is still clear and calm after a good night sleep and I feel focused and excited about the promises of the day ahead. Definitely for me the first part of the day is the most creative.


The most inspiring cultural moment?

A sublime retrospective of artist James Turrell in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I have always loved this artist working with light and space, but to see his entire oeuvre in one exhibition and be able to explore it deeply and in detail was an incredible experience. 


The moment you dream of?

I dream of completing an artwork and feeling fully content and satisfied with the results. (I usually have a need to endlessly tweak an artwork and have a hard time letting go). 


If you want an installation of this artist in your company, do not hesitate to contact us via the form or by e-mail.

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