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A Moments! with
   Roman Hill


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Roman Hill live and work in Paris.

He create immersive art installations and belong to the "Mixed Media Art" movement.

Roman creates immersive macro worlds of hypnotic abstract imagery based on a variety of physical phenomena and chemical reactions.

In this unexplored universe of textures, movements and colours, they redefine scale and transform small inert elements into an evolving universe, transforming and reinventing beauty.

LIFE & CHAOS - Artists : Roman Hill & Paul Mignot / Music and sound design : Jonathan Fitas

Atelier des lumières, Paris, 2020


The moment it all start ?

I started with music, with synthesizers, instruments that I create myself.

At one point I got frustrated with music, it was already abstract enough in itself. So I bought myself a camera and started messing around with old Russian lenses, to be able to get close to the microscopic, I was taking pictures of my skin, metal, liquids etc.

Then I started to make video with it and that was a revelation, to be in depth on the material and the textures.


The moment you started to live from your art ?

When I started working on other people's projects, movies, clips, commercials, because everyone sees in abstractions what they want to see, it allows to illustrate a lot of things, be it emotions or materials like mist.

The moment you discover an artist who inspired you ?

I loved Bill Viola, at the Grand Palais, his contemplative, spiritual, hypnotic approach, and the intimacy he puts into his works.

The moment that moved you with one of your works ?

My Illumination piece in Dublin, a 21m long and 4m high screen on the edge of the canal along a park. There were children around screaming and playing with the piece, marveling at it. It's the biggest screen that broadcasts artistic content outdoors in Europe. 

Also As Above, a film in one sequence, abstract, where I filmed a chemical reaction on 8mm2, without editing.


The perfect moment or atmosphere to work ?

So it depends but it's true that sometimes I work in silence because the materials are very hypnotic, you work on a small scale and all your attention goes on it, you are in the dark and the material is very colorful, it's very meditative. You pay a lot of attention to all the details, the slightest bubble, the slightest hair, it can be a problem, or the opposite.

So the music can sometimes disturb this contemplation, or amplify it.


Your favorite material

Hot water. When I don't know what to do, I shoot hot water. The steam, the bubbles, the movements, there are a lot of things that happen depending on the light you bring, for example if you put a light in the steam it will make rainbows. 

Moments! Q&A

Si vous souhaitez une installation de cet artiste dans votre entreprise, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter via le formulaire ou par e-mail.

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