A Moments! with Roman Hill & Paul Mignot


Roman Hill and Paul Mignot, live and work in Paris. They create immersive art installations. They belong to the "Mixed Media Art" movement.

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The duo creates immersive macro-worlds of hypnotic abstract imagery based on a variety of physical phenomena and chemical reactions. In this unexplored universe of textures, movements and colours, they redefine scale and transform small inert elements into an evolving universe, transforming and reinventing beauty.




Roman Hill & Paul Mignot
Music and sound design
Jonathan Fitas

Atelier des lumières, Paris, 2020

Moments! Q&A

The moment it all started?

As a child, by day I thought the blue moon in the sky was the Earth. All this was far away from me and still seemed very abstract to me. Until one day I laid my eye on a telescope and then a microscope. A tiny white dot in the sky actually hid an entire universe, and the simple muddy drop at the bottom of a pond could teem with life. . . But what about me? 


The moment you discovered an artist who inspired you?

Caroline Corbasson, who is also present on digital moment, was my teacher. So I made my debut amidst his incredible drawings of monumental galaxies and microscopic stardust.

A memorable moment of your career?

The Immersive Art Festival at the Atelier des Lumières where in collaboration with my friend and mentor Paul Mignot we presented our work Life & Chaos. What had been filmed on less than 10cm2 was then projected in the 2000m2 of this incredible place - the infinitely small joined the infinitely large. 

The perfect moment to create?

Day and night, often in darkness and silence in front of a tiny, often very bright and colourful work surface. 

The most inspiring moment?

Bill Viola at Grand Palais.


The moment you dream of?

Projecting on the clouds.

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