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Art festival, Zsolnay, 2019

A Moments! with 
Susan Kosti

  • Noir Icône Instagram

Born in 1986, lives and works in Sidney, Australia. She is a motion designer artist. It belongs to the current "Mixed Media Art".

Susan Kosti is a multimedia artist. She has been actively involved in the digital art scene for 10 years. She is known for creating custom built stage design with synchronized projection mapping and 3D content, both for corporations, brands and artists, allowing a unique experience for their audience. With a passion for storytelling Susan directed several music videos and a short film which won awards throughout Europe. Her concepts are made along with a unique storytelling that always brings people close to the message.

Hungary, 2016


The moment it all started?

When I did my first video edit.


The moment you discovered an artist who inspired you?

When I first watched a Chris Cunningham video with Aphex Twin. That was the moment I realised that you can express your vision to the world no matter how crazy it is.


A memorable moment of your career?

When I won the first award for my short film in Germany.


The perfect moment to create?

Morning or late evening.


The most inspiring cultural moment?

Wagner Days, Müpa Budapest. - The Ring Cycle, 2019. The moment when Catherine Foster started to sing in the Walkure. I was also working on this project in Budapest and it was one of the most difficult and complex projects of my career as an art director.


The moment you dream of?

When I have my first exhibition in Sydney (I just moved here).

Moments! Q&A


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