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D44 RAVE ANTIQUE, Visuals by Charly Jacquette

A Moments! with Charly Jacquette

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Charly Jacquette,

Born in 1992, lives and works in Paris.

He is a motion designer artist. It belongs to the current "Mixed Media Art".

Self-taught in digital creation, Charly combines organic and digital in his visuals, sometimes impetuous and turbulent, sometimes lively and flamboyant. Charly also works as a VJ : he projects his work in close relation to music.


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The moment it all start?

During the creation and the realization of a small musical festival. I wanted to bring a more immersive scenography with video mapping.

The moment you discover an artist who inspired you?

On Viméo : artists like Peter Clark and Gmunk who combine digital with the physical world.

The memorable moment of your career?

When I had the chance to play and distribute my creations in an american cathedral of Paris.

The perfect moment to create?

At night, when everything is asleep.

The most inspiring cultural moment?

In 2019, the Immersive Art Festival organized by Atelier des Lumières - Paris.

The moment you dream of?

A collaboration with artists who fascinate me.

Moments! Q&A

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