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#artdigital #artvidéo #artnumerique #entreprise #artcontemporain #quentincarnaille

Introspection, 2017

A Moments! with Quentin Carnaille

#artdigital #artvidéo #artnumerique #entreprise #artcontemporain #quentincarnaille
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Quentin Carnaille,

Born in 1984, lives and works in Lille.

He has been working as a visual artist since 2009. He belongs to the current "Mixed Media Art".

Native of Roubaix and architect by training, Quentin Carnaille, lives and works in Lille. He has been working as a visual artist since 2009. In addition to his local involvement, he exhibits in Paris and continues to assert his presence on the international scene, notably in Dubai, Taiwan, Beijing and even in Zurich, Munich and Rotterdam. Fully assuming a conceptual shift since the presentation of his work Introspection in 2015, the artist continues to explore the metaphysical notions that are dear to him and specifies this research focused on the singular existence in a collective context.

Anonymat, 2017

The moment it all start?

In the 5th year of architecture when I started to be fascinated by the aesthetics of mechanical watchmaking.

The moment you discover an artist who inspired you?

In 2013: Anthony Gormley, who was recommended to me by an intern who worked with me.


The memorable moment of your career?

When I learned that Martine Aubry (mayor of Lille) had accepted the Identity project. Identity is an ephemeral urban installation project: faceted cubes of mirrors cover the faces of figurative sculptures of the city, calling out to passers-by on the themes of commemoration, inheritance, transmission and otherness.

The perfect moment to create?

For me the best ideas come by chance (it's a collection of several pieces of information that suddenly merge for no particular reason with a concern). This often happens at the most unexpected times, such as getting out of the shower or driving. What is certain is that it only happens when you do not expect it (like a sudden illumination).

The most inspiring cultural moment?

The covering of Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dali (it was in Barcelona in 2008).

Without the cross, in my eyes, we go from suffering to eternity.

The moment you dream of?

The future ... I really like the idea of ​​not knowing what it will be made of or where I will be in 2, 4 or 5 years.

It is both an important source of anxiety and the necessary condition for being creative.

Moments! Q&A


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