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Sarah Meyohas
Clouds petals, 2020

Moments! is born from the gathering of the technical expertise of Raphaël Benbassa, CEO of Bleu Dalcans and from the artistic vision of Florence Cocozza, a renowned art advisor. Together they are willing to introduce Digital Art into companies and public spaces, thus reinventing and re-enchanting the corporate daily life.  

Moments! brings to light a selection of digital artists, multi-sensory experiences initiators, offering to your audience an essential experience that will amaze, surprise and retain. 

Jean Joen Banbuck
Faille numérique, 2020

In his work Faille numérique, Jean Joël Banbuck represents a tree living to the rhythm of the seasons, which dialogues with the minerality of the marble on the walls of the D2 tower.


Mike Pelletier

The work of artist Mike Pelletier is one of the pieces of the digital journey to complete the architectural project that hosts the new headquarters of ICADE.

Caroline Corbasson

Caroline Corbasson's creations explore and question the place of humans in the universe and their relationship to the infinitely large and the infinitely small.


Space and science intermingle and dialogue in these works that are as aesthetic as they are intriguing, where time is transformed.

PHOTO-2021-12-14-09-15-45 3.jpg

Marina Marassi

Pour le centre commercial Marina Marassi situé en Egypte, des installations artistiques pensées sur le thème de l'eau ont été imaginées

Elles font écho au monde marin, tout en tourbillons, en vagues et autres ondulations. 

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