New media arts movements are emerging everywhere,

reinventing the way we experience the world

Moments! is showcasing the best of it !


Our ambition

Promoting New Medias & Digital Art

Moments! is born from the gathering of the technical expertise of Raphaël Benbassa, CEO of Bleu Dalcans and from the artistic vision of Florence Cocozza,

a renowned art advisor. Together they are willing

to introduce Digital Art into companies and public spaces, thus reinventing and re-enchanting

the corporate daily life.  

Moments! brings to light a selection of digital artists, multi-sensory experiences initiators, offering to your audience an essential experience that will amaze, surprise and retain. 

Our team

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15 years of experience in the field of digital lightning and major audiovisual installations. He combines engineering and creativity to offer innovative art experiences.

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After 10 years working for international galeries like Perrotin or Martin Creed Studio, she is now specialized in the promotion of digital artists through her own agency.


What we do 


Business Events 

We provide companies and leaseholders with enchanting digital installations and suitable content for indoor and outdoor areas.

Through a various catalogue of renowned artists we also propose to build temporary  exhibitionsDisposable everywhere in the area, on multiple technical supports, new media  art exhibitions build a strong link between  visitors and employees.   

Art Promotion

Through our social networks, we are steadily showcasing a new piece of innovative artwork with weekly interviews of a New Media professional. From digital artists, collectors, teachers, to art historians and many more,

we are gathering together new medias and digital artists to promote their works.

Urban Exhibition

We create urban digital exhibitions for all audiences by magnifying and promoting

urban architecture and territorial attractiveness. Creating poetic urbanism and city experiences.


Artist's interviews


Anaisa Franco

Roman Hill et Paul Mignot

Roman Hill et Paul Mignot


Susan Kosti



Mixed Media Artist

Daniel Canogar

Mixed Media Artist

Quentin Carnaille

Digital Artist

Caroline Corbasson


Charly Jacquette

VJ Live

Ari Dyker

New Media Artist

Olivier Ratsi

Mixed Media Artist

Nicolas Tourte

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